What is Be Loud Studios?

From the creators of BricoRadio, Be Loud is a new program dedicated to amplifying student voice through digital media.

As teachers at Bricolage Academy, we noticed that often our most academically frustrated students were fully engaged in their Innovation class centered around design, making, and creativity. From that observation, we launched a kid run radio station that empowers students to write, record, edit, and promote their own radio broadcast.  Please check us out at bricoradio.org or on instagram @bricoradionola

With their community listening, students reworked and practiced their scripts. BricoRadio made their work more meaningful, directly engaging students who were often disengaged with traditional class work.

In 2019, we are expanding to engage more students and support other learning communities across New Orleans.  From our work starting BricoRadio, we are expanding and changing our name to include the New Orleans community and beyond as Be Loud Studios.

Be Loud Studios is a program that amplifies and empowers the voice of youth through digital media projects. Students are trusted with the real work of creating.