Afterschool with BricoRadio

A new after school experience for Bricolage students in grades 4-6.

BricoRadio is taking our afterschool studio on the road. Every month, we will record an episode at a creative space from our neighborhood. From the new Louisiana Children Museum to Southern Rep Theater, kids will visit these locations and produce episodes that highlight the good work being done. These young producers will own each step of the recording process, managing everything from setting up recording equipment to conducting on site interviews. Each episode will be made over a four week span. The rotation will break down by

Week 1– Episode Preparation

Week 2– Field Visit and Recording

Week 3– Editing and Sound Mixing

Week 4– Promotion and Celebration

From start to finish, kids will lead every stage of production, making each episode a true reflection of their voice and creativity.

This afterschool program is only available to Bricolage students this fall. To register, please refer to instruction in the family weekly email. If you have any questions or concerns, please write Alex at

“Camp made me very really happy and pumped up!”

3rd grade DJ