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Be Loud Studios amplifies kid confidence through radio and digital media production. We help kids turn screens into tools for self expression and courageous collaboration. 

Being “loud” means showing up, creating something different, being assertive. Youth need more space to practice their “loudness,” especially in our digital world. Whether it be with a microphone or camera, we trust youth to be creators (not just consumers) –their opinions, ideas, and perspectives are valid and must be expressed.

In conjunction with practicing courage and confidence, Be Loud Studios fills a need for more programming surrounding creative and responsible online engagement in K-8 schools in New Orleans. Despite the amount of time youth spend online, there are few programs that are discussing how to be safe and thoughtful.

Be Loud addresses this need through projects that empower youth to express themselves and share their voices with the community. We make podcasts, music videos, and even gifs that push youth to step out of their comfort zone and step up to telling stories of who they are–in a safe space.

We offer a variety of programs throughout the year, including summer camp, after school, day camps, and family nights. Head over to our program page to check out the next Be Loud program.

In every program, we facilitate digital productions that empower youth of all ages and backgrounds to work together to create meaningful media. From podcasts to GIFs, we teach youth how to turn their screen into tools for creative and positive self expression.

Additionally, we work hard to provide all participants a safe space in a digital world to step out of their comfort zone and step forward by creating stories of who they are in their world.

Check out our project page to learn more about the specific projects we make at Be Loud.

Be Loud Studios was founded by two teachers. We noticed that often our most academically disengaged students were fully engaged in their Innovation class centered around design, making, and creativity. From that observation, we launched a kid run radio station within our school that empowered students to write, record, edit, and promote their own radio broadcast.

From working in one school and seeing the desire for students to have more voice in their community, we launched Be Loud Studios, an independent 501c3.

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