Due to COVID-19, Be Loud Studios has shifted all programming to virtual. Although bummed to be recording from a distance, we are still so excited by the work and community that Be Loud kids are creating.

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Listen Up! Each week this hour-long broadcast is dedicated to the voices of Be Loud DJs--through their podcasts, poetry, and beats--and other voices of youth partners from across New Orleans.

Where: Be Loud DJs record all at home.

Who: 5th-7th graders across New Orleans

When: Tune in every Saturday morning on 102.3FM WHIV

Listen Up! We want to hear from kids about their joys and problems during COVID-19.

Where: Call in your response to ‪(504) 571-9809 and leave us a message!

Who: Each week we will share a prompt and ask students to respond.

When: We are still taking calls!

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